Radio Amateur Civil Emergency Service


Amateur Radio Emergency Service


The Sachse Radio Amateur Civil Emergency Service, RACES, and Sachse Amateur Radio Emergency Service, ARES, were formed in the early spring of 2002. The Emergency Operations Center, EOC, was established in the spring of 1995 almost two years after the Mother's Day tornado on May 9, 1993.

What is now known as the Mother's Day tornado of 1993, caused extensive property damage to the communities of Sachse and Wylie. One person lost his life when the tornado dropped a neighboring trailer home on top of his and he was trapped beneath the wreckage. The tornado approached quickly and because the city had no system in place, there was no way to provide adequate warning to the community.

Shortly after the Mother's Day tornado of 1993, Sachse city officials began an active campaign to be prepared should such a disaster strike again. The outdoor emergency warning systems were installed. The city recruited the assistance of the Garland Amateur Radio Civil Emergency Service to provide specially trained amateurs to operate the EOC during severe weather, chemical spills, and other emergency situations.

You may read more about Sachse RACES in our Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) which can be found in the 'Reading Room' section of this website. The lates SOP version is 1.8 (posted April 11, 2022).